The germ of our story was subconsciously laid years ago, when Azeem Merchant was just a boy. One festive Eid day, after a sumptuous feast enjoyed by the whole family, Azeem noticed that his mother was not her cheerful self and retired before the celebrations were over. When asked what the problem was, she said her calves and lower back were painfully sore after spending hours in the kitchen, preparing the elaborate festive fare.

Since then, watching the ladies of the family work in the kitchen, stand for hours completing different chores, has been a matter of concern. But it seemed there was little Azeem could do to help.

Recently, when Azeem’s company signed a joint venture with a German leader in ergonomic mats for industrial applications and saw for himself the tangible benefits, he thought immediately of his mother and that incident many years ago. “Why can’t I offer the same ergonomics for my mother? She, and so many others like her, stand for hours in the kitchen, silently putting up with the pain and discomfort. Surely I can use the same advanced technology to help them and make their life more comfortable!”

Today, we present Comfeet, an anti-fatigue mat specially designed and manufactured in Germany, to improve daily life in India. At home or the workplace, wherever people spend long hours standing, Comfeet anti-fatigue mats promote health, prevent injury, and help users stand comfortably for hours without placing undue stress on their bodies.


Azeem Merchant

Azeem holds an MBA degree from Cardiff University, UK and is a business leader who is constantly looking to push the boundaries of innovation. Azeem is someone who takes health and fitness very seriously.

Being a fitness enthusiast, Azeem conceptualised “Comfeet Health Mats” for Indian homes & standing workplaces when he came across anti-fatigue health mats during one of his foreign tours. With Comfeet, Azeem aim to revolutionise the Health and Fitness in Indian homes and standing workplaces and thus, make a significant improvement in the life of Indians.


Tripti Lavale

Sales and Channel Management

Tripti is a fitness enthusiast and State Level swimmer. She is also a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor from New York. She brings great stamina and energy to work – and her passion for fitness is infectious!


Distribution and Supply Chain

Astute SCM professional with experience in handling OEM Business, project purchase. Worked with reputed MNC’s like LG. Abhishek handles overall supply chain, logistics, vendor management and development for Comfeet.

Nikhil Karanjkar

Marketing & Strategy

An IIM graduate, Nikhil is skilled in Sales and Operations, having co-founded an online food delivery startup.  He is passionate about travelling; always ready to explore new places and hungry for diverse experiences.

Mayur Mhaske

Digital Media and Branding

With a degree in marketing, Mayur is a self-taught digital marketer. Mayur is responsible for our branding, advertising, marketing and website. Prefers tea green over coffee. Loves travelling, exploring new places, strength training and reading good stories both fictional and non-fictional.

Rashmi Bassi


An Interior Designing Graduate from Annamalai University, Rashmi has more than 8 years experience. A die-hard Delhiite, Rashmi has now managed to make a happy life for herself in Pune.